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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Grounded MV LUCKY SEVEN at Miramar beach, Goa

The ship MV Lucky Seven grounded at Miramar beach early morning of 16th July 2017.
Earlier, for 3 days it was struggling far off the shore attempting to come into Mandovi River to be used or parked or anchored as Casino boat amongst the other 6 casino boats there in Panaji.

Due to strong winds or bad monsoon weather etc the ship finally got  drifted to Miramar beach shore.
Owners: Gopal Kanda promoted Golden Globe Hotels Pvt. Ltd

Name: Lucky Seven *
Flag: Panama *
IMO: 8943703 *
Gross Tonnage: 5570
Length Overall x Breadth Extreme: 66.11m x 23.8m
Year built: 1996
 * info visible on the ship

Looks like it's inside is all casino setup  as the same was a Casino ship before (2004, 2011) known as
'Casino Cancun' of Casino Austria International?

The ship on 13,14, 15 July (before it got grounded)

Video 2: Grounded on 16.7.17

Video 3, 4, .. see below

Salvage work
Arihant ship breaker of Mumbai will attempt to refloat the ship
Salvage work likely to start on Tuesday 25.7.17 and if all go well, the ship will be out of Miramar by 1st August 2017.
Salvage work now likely to start from 28th July which means the ship might go by 5th August.
Salvage work or attempt to refloat the ship further delayed, it may now start on 7th or 8th August
As of now 1.8.17, only some dredging or sand excavation work done during low tide.
Some reports including CoP  saying salvage or re-floating attempt  will now be made on 11th August
Chief Minister Parrikar on 12.8.17 said the ship has a gushing hole in its bottom and it needs to be fixed before trying to salvage it..
13.8.17 The ship also shows signs of leaning / Tilting on its back side (Port quarter)
Water started entering through its doors too.
Some reports says there is a 12 mtr long crack in the ship hull (bottom)
Looks like the contract with Ship breaking / salvaging company Arihant is terminated their JCB excavators etc on the shore are not seen now.
Reports also say the owners ask a fresh quote from Goa based Madganvkar salvaging company.

13, 14, 15 July

Grounded 16.7.17
Day 1

Day 2

Day 3 night

Day 4 19.7.17

Day 5 20.7.17

Day 6
Video 3: Day 6 (21.7.17)
Day 7 22.7.17

Day 8  23.7.17

Video: 4
Day 8 (23.7.17) with crowd

Day 9  24.7.17

Day 10
Video: Digging started
Day 11 25.7.17
Crane excavator that work both land and water

Day 12  26.7.17

Night  27.7.17 low tide 9.30

Day 13 (Day/night)  28.7.17

Video - day night 27/28th July

Day 14 29.7.17

Day 15  30.7.17

Video - Day 15

Day 16  31.7.17

Day 17  1.8.17

Day 18 2.8.17

Day 19  3.8.17

Day 20 4.8.17

Day 21 (night) 5.8.17

Day 22
Video: 6.8.17

Day 23  7.8.17

Video: day 23

Day 24  (Evening 7.15pm)  8.8.17

Day 25 (watch video) 9.8.17

Day 26 (watch video) 10.8.17

Video: Day 25 & 26
9th & 10th Aug. 2017

Day 27  11.8.17
The ship still there when spotted at 2pm
night time, 11pm . lights off, engines switched off

Day 28  12.8.17

Day 29 13.8.17
Ship position changed by 45 degree angle
It was in the previous position since the day 9
The ship also shows signs of leaning on its back side (Port quarter)
(the vessel tilted about 15 to 20 degrees at Port quarter side)
Night 7.30pm

Day 30  14.8.17

Video - day 30

Day 31 15.8.17
Video: Day 31 - 15.8.17

Day 32 (16.8.17)
Water entering the ship through it doors during high tide


Day 33 17.8.17


Day 34   18.8.17
A view from Dona Paula


Day 35  19.8.17
Video: with Bio-fuel bus

Day 36 20.8.17
Tilting and sinking?

Day 37   21.8.17

Day 38

Day 39  23.8.17
Door almost under water


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